Heatworks shows off Tetra smart dishwasher and a new water heater, too

Your days of hand-washing your dishes may finally be behind you thanks to Heatworks. The innovative water-centric company has debuted a new smart dishwasher called the Tetra at CES 2018. The internet-connected device is compact enough to fit on your countertop, which means it requires no plumbing whatsoever, and can be placed just about anywhere.

Created in conjunction with frog design, the Tetra is a connected countertop dishwasher that is effectively every New Yorker’s dream appliance, this compact washer has enough room for two place settings, so while you certainly won’t be washing all the pots and pans in your apartment, it’s a step up from having barely enough sink space to accommodate your dirty dishes.

Using the device ought to be pretty straightforward, too. Simply fill the bottom part of the washer with water and detergent, then insert the rubber organizers and your dishes. Once you’ve ensured that no nozzles or sprayers are covered, just drain the dirty water. The whole thing can be controlled via the companion app, so you can set water pressure, cycles, and start time.

As with other products in the Heatworks family, Tetra’s goal is to minimize the environmental footprint of the washer — the device should be fully portable and needs only a standard electrical outlet to work. Moreover, the whole wash cycle only lasts minutes. While precise pricing and availability has not yet been announced, we do know that the Tetra will set you back less than $300.

This isn’t the only portable device Heatworks is debuting at CES — it’s also giving customers a first look at its new tankless water heater capable of fitting in a carry-on bag. Known as the MODEL 3, this promises to be one of the smallest electric water heaters around, and pre-orders for the device are set to ship next month. Rather than using the traditional metal heating elements found in most water heaters, the MODEL 3 instead uses Heatworks’ Ohmic Array Technology, and uses graphite electrodes and electronic controls to excite naturally occurring minerals in the water itself.

The MODEL 3 is 99 percent energy efficient, which should mean that users will be able to reduce water heating costs by about 40 percent.

“We founded Heatworks when we realized the water heater we needed didn’t exist,” said Heatworks Founder and CEO, Jerry Callahan. “With Tetra, the same situation existed.”