Heatworks tankless water heater avoids corrosion with graphite electrodes

Three years ago, we told you about Heatworks Model 1 — a revolutionary tankless water heater that met with great success on Kickstarter, ultimately raising more than $430,000 from an adoring public. Now, three years later, we’re on to the third model of the next-generation water heater. Meet the Heatworks Model 3, heralded as the world’s most advanced Wi-Fi-enabled tankless water heater. This time, it comes with an app.

So how does it work? As the Heatworks team explains on its new Kickstarter page, “Rather than coils or traditional heating elements, our Wi-Fi-enabled water heater uses our patented Ohmic Array Technology to heat water.” This in turn translates to endless, on-demand hot water, because water itself is used as the heating element. And according to Heatworks, that also means that the hot water that emerges from one of these units is “purer than water from any other water heater available today”

While the Model 1 was groundbreaking for its time, the latest iteration of the product promises to be even further ahead of its predecessor. Heatworks promises that it has not only improved, but supercharged its technology, providing customers with twice the power and twice the hot water capabilities of the initial model. In fact, one Model 3 unit is said to produce a rise of 41 degrees Fahrenheit at a 4.0 gallons per minute (GPM) demand or an 82 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature at a 2.0 GPM.

But perhaps the best feature is the amount of energy (and therefore money) you’ll save with this tankless heater. The Model 3 promises to be 99-percent efficient, reducing the overall cost of heating a household’s water by around 40 percent. And you won’t have to worry about replacing the Model 3 — thanks to its Ohmic Array Technology, water heats instantly without heating elements, using graphite electrodes rather than traditional metal heating elements. That means that you won’t have to worry about scaling or corrosion over time, no matter how hard or soft your water may be.

And because we now live in the 21st century, the Model 3 is of course mobile-connected. The Heatworks app will let you monitor the amount of hot water and energy used on a given day, keep tabs on your favorite shower temperatures, and more.

You can pre-order a Heatworks Model 3 from Kickstarter for $389, with an estimated delivery date of October 2017.