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Here’s how to return Amazon merchandise to Kohl’s stores

Mailing purchases back to Amazon is a hassle. No one likes to stand in line at the post office, and most people hate repacking an item, especially if it’s large or bulky. There may be an easier option. You can now return Amazon merchandise to Kohl’s locations while you’re there shopping. Previously a service that was only available in select stores in only a few cities, now all Kohl’s stores are participating, at 1,150 locations across 48 states starting in July.

The whole return process is pretty simple and definitely a score for people who hate printing out a shipping label, putting it on the box, taping up the box, then schlepping the whole thing to the post office. Kohl’s does all of the packing, labeling and shipping for you. Here’s how to return your Amazon-bought items to Kohl’s stores in a couple easy steps.

Get your return started on Amazon’s website

Before you head out to Kohl’s, you’ll need to do a little prep. Start by going to the Amazon’s Online Return Center. Once you’re on the site, click on the Return Items button if you bought the item or the Return Gift button if you got the item from someone else.

If you choose the Return Items button, a list of your recent purchases will pop up on the screen. If you chose the Return Gift button, you will need to enter the order number from the packaging into the search bar that pops up. To find the order number, take a look at the label on the shipping box. The number will be listed below the address and barcode.

Once you have the item chosen you want to return, click Continue. Return options will appear on the screen. If you have a local Kohl’s store you’ll see the Kohl’s Dropoff option. Tick the bubble by the option and finish by pressing the Confirm Your Return button on the right side of the page.

From there, Amazon will email you a QR code that you can print off. If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. You can show the Kohl’s employee the email using your phone when you go to drop off the item.

Finish up at Kohl’s

Now you just need to take your item to Kohl’s. No need to box the item and tape it up. Look for a parking space marked specifically for Amazon Returns customers – yep, you even get a special parking spot. These spots are placed closer to the door, so you don’t need to lug the return items very far.

The last step is to take your items to the returns desk inside and present your QR code. The associates will pack and ship the items for you and you’re done. You should get a refund for the item shortly after.

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