Setting up Voice Match on your Google Home? Here’s a step-by-step guide

Just because you share your Google Home with your family members doesn’t mean Google has to feel like a shared assistant. Thanks to a feature called Voice Match, the Google Assistant on your Google Home devices can respond with personalized information based on the voice giving the command or asking the question. For example, Google Assistant can give you and your partner different estimated commute times based on the addresses you have listed as your workplace.

Do you like CNN but your partner is all about NPR? You can also customize your daily news briefings, so you can get news reports that are catered specifically to you, while your roommate gets specific reports for her. To enjoy Voice Match, you’ll have to go through a short series of steps. Every person who uses Voice Match — up to six individuals total — must link a Google Account and voice to your Google Home device. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get Voice Match set up on your Google Home.

1. Open the Google Home App

To get started, open up the Google Home app on your phone or tablet. Be sure you’ve updated the app to the latest available version for the set-up to work properly. Then, double check that your phone or tablet is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Google Home, as this will ensure the devices will be able to communicate effectively.

2. Select Account

To make sure the listed Google Account is the one you want associated with your voice, tap on the “Menu” icon. If the listed account is different than the one you want, you can easily switch accounts by tapping on the triangle next to the Account name. From there, just choose the account you want to link to your voice.

3. Select Device

On the home screen of the Google Home app, you’ll see “Devices” in the upper right-hand corner. Give that a tap, and scroll until you’ve found the device on which you’d like to set up Voice Match. Next, tap on a blue banner that says “Multi user is now available, link your account” or “Get personal results with Voice Match.”

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Dan Baker/Digital Trends
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

4. Train Your Voice

If this is your first time setting up Voice Match, you’ll need to say a few words so that the Google Home can learn to recognize the sound of your voice. The app will give you some some word prompts that you should follow. Basically, you’ll say “Ok Google” twice and “Hey Google” twice.

If you’ve already set up Voice Match, simply tap “Continue” to move on to the next step. You also have the option of retraining the Google Home (after all, sometimes our voices change, particularly during adolescence). To set up your voice again, tap on “Retrain voice model” and follow the prompts that the app gives you. This will override the previous training and give the Google Home device a new voice model to work with.

5. Invite Others to Set Up Voice Match

Do your other family members and friends want to get in on the action? To invite other individuals to set up their own voices on Voice Match, tap “Invite” and select a method of communication. You also have the option of skipping this step.

Keep in mind that your Google Home will use the sound of your voice to access personal data, so a similar-sounding voice might be able to access it as well.

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
Juliana Chokkattu/Digital Trends

6. Link Default Music and Video Services

To personalize your listening experience when you ask the Google Home to play music, you can link your preferred music and video services to your Google Account. To do this, tap “Music” and select your default service. If your preferred platform is Google Play Music or Youtube Red, your accounts will automatically link when you set up the Google Home, so you don’t need to do anything more. If you prefer using Spotify or Pandora, simply tap “Link” and sign into the service. Now, when you ask the Google Home to play music, the assistant will know which service to use.

7. Start Asking Questions

Once your Voice Match is all set up, you can start requesting personalized information. Ask the Google Assistant what you have on your calendar that day, request a read-through of your shopping lists, or even find out and book available flights. It’s just like having a real personal assistant, but without the ability to pick up your dry cleaning.

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