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Hurom’s latest H-AI Slow Juicer can feed itself and save you the trouble

If you won’t eat your fruits and vegetables, Hurom is making it easier than ever to drink them. Here to ensure that you’re getting your daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and everything else provided by those leafy greens and apple peels is the new H-AI Slow Juicer, the latest product from the South Korean company. Available in three colors, this new juicer boasts a smart, self-feeding hopper that allows this new juicing machine to operate automatically. And when combined with its efficient vertical pulp outlet and its 3-degree tilted chamber to help extract every last drop of juice, this may just be Hurom’s most efficient juicer to date.

Hurom has long been the Ferrari of the juice industry, with expensive but effective products that are known to make the most out of your healthy ingredients. The H-AI seems to be abiding by these same principles, and it justifies its rather intimidating price tag with the promise of expert functionality.

The self-feeding juicer will set you back $699, and Hurom seems to be making an attempt at justifying this price with the addition of the smart self-feeding hopper, something we haven’t seen before. This means that when you’re ready to begin juicing, you won’t have to babysit your fruit and vegetable slices by pushing them down the hopper yourself. Instead, you’ll just throw everything into the hopper compartment, and the spinning blade will move ingredients down into the double-winged auger.

This isn’t just to make things easier for you. Rather, Hurom claims that the self-feeding design will also help reduce clogs and overfeeding from the juicing process. In essence, you won’t have to interact with the juicer at all. Just decide what you want to throw into your beverage, and let the machine do the rest.

As for the 3-degree juicing chamber tilt, Hurom claims that this design makes it easier to ensure you’re harvesting every last drop of juice into your glass. Previous Hurom juicers required you to do a bit of tilting and finagling in order to make the most of your experience, but this new design should take care of things for you. And the vertical pulp collection chamber lets the pulp from the H-AI descend directly from the juicing chamber, which empowers gravity to do most of the work. Previous juicers from Hurom attempted to push pulp out vertically through a side vent, which could lead to clogs. The vertical option should make things a bit easier, and more importantly, easier to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, the H-AI juicer boasts Alpha+ technology that promise “specific improvements to the juicing chamber, which now has an inbuilt hex connector that makes the assembly process much smoother.” There’s now a removable cog that controls the pinning brush and screen, making pulp clean-up a bit less tiresome.

All components of the Hurom H-AI juicer are BPA free, and the machine’s slow 60 rpm motor promises quiet operation so that you can juice without waking up the whole house. Available in Slate Blue, Platinum Silver, and Rose Gold finishes, this new juicer can be purchased on Hurom’s website for $699. It’s certainly a hefty investment, but if you’re looking to feed your juicing habits, it may just be the right one to make.

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