iMirror looks like a looking-glass, acts like a touchscreen

imirror looks like looking glass acts touchscreen posh

What if every morning after your shower, you could wipe the condensation off your bathroom mirror and see not only your reflection, but also the day’s weather forecast, news headlines, and even the emails in your inbox?  Well if this new smart mirror from Posh ever becomes a reality, all that time you spend brushing your teeth and fiddling with your hair could also be used to give you a proper start to the day.

Recently unveiled by Canadian company Posh View, the iMirror is an interactive reflective surface that features a completely customizable multi-touch display. By connecting your home WiFi network, the device allows users to download an array of templates, widgets, and even full-fledged applications. It’s basically like having a giant tablet mounted on your wall.  

posh imirror facebookiMirror is also equipped with a small camera and integrated facial recognition software, so it can be programmed to recognize your mug. It’s capable of recognizing and differentiating between multiple faces too, so even if you share a bathroom with multiple people, the iMirror can tell everyone apart and load each user’s custom dashboard.

Don’t feel like smudging the mirror with your fingers? Not to worry – Posh also outfitted the iMirror with voice controls, so you can launch apps and execute commands just by speaking to it. So, if you ever find yourself wondering why the NASDAQ took a dive while you’re shaving, you can just shout “mirror, mirror, on the wall, why the hell did my stocks fall!?” … Or something to that effect. We’re not 100 percent sure how the voice commands will work at this point.

iMirror is currently in the prototype stages, but Posh recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help jump-start production. If you hop on the early bird offers and help back the project, you can lock down an iMirror for around $2,750. A bit steep, but at the end of the day you’re paying for a giant tablet PC, so a hefty price tag is to be expected. 

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