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Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi now responds to Amazon Alexa commands

Simplehuman is all-in when it comes to smart home stuff. From trash cans to soap dispensers to its flagship product, a series of sensor mirrors, the designer/manufacturer is determined to make your bathroom one of the most inviting rooms in your home. They were everywhere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year,and now their smart mirror  — which has always worked with Google Assistant — is adding Amazon’s Alexa to the mix.

With this new offering, the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi can respond to commands issued via Amazon Alexa, which is built into the device itself and enables owners to issue commands hands-free.

It’s impressive how much the startup has packed into this smart home goodie. It has something called a trulux lighting system that’s based on proprietary technology. The 95 CRI (color rendering index) closely simulates natural sunlight, so this mirror will help you look your best at all times.

No smart home device would be complete if you couldn’t talk to it and it couldn’t turn your place into a disco, so of course it has an onboard custom Danish-designed acoustic speaker featuring a 2.5-inch driver that’s designed to deliver smooth, well-balanced hi-fidelity sound. So whether you’re into Metallica or the Brandenburg Concertos or simply want to know what the weather will be like, the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi can deliver.

Basic commands can hit up the mirror directly without a Google or Amazon device around. However, it can also be enabled to stream over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for devices with AirPlay 2. So not only can you jam out while you’re putting on your makeup, you can also manage texts and phone calls.

The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi automatically lights up, and also features a “night shift” setting that changes the mirror to a softer, more relaxing tone for sleep. There are also “candlelight” and “nightlight” modes, which offer diverse light scenarios.

Price-wise, it’s not too bad compared to similar offerings in the smart home ecosystem — you can nab the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi for a cool $400 at or

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