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Explore what Iron Man’s home might look like in real life with a 3D model

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If the mansions of our own world are no longer fantastical enough to spur your fancy, you may want to instead explore a 3D model of what a superhero’s home might look like. In a new 3D exercise from Archilogic, daydreamers and fan-fiction fanatics everywhere can explore what Iron Man’s house might look like in real life.

In a faux advertisement for Tony Stark’s California, mansion, Arch Daily promises the would-be buyer a “rare opportunity” in the form of a “secluded Malibu location thanks to a change of heart by the former owner.” It’s a pretty honest representation of the house put forth in the Paramount Pictures film version of Iron Man, complete with “dramatic views, spectacular entertaining areas, plus a huge workshop (that doubles as a garage), and a helipad.”

Noting that the home was “lovingly rebuilt after an unfortunate accident,” Stark’s imaginary home is described as a stark white clifftop mansion. And as an extra nod to the Marvel comic’s storyline, Arch Daily notes, “Buyers who enjoy a rich social life will appreciate the glamorous history of the house, in which the celebrity former owner enjoyed a lavish party lifestyle, as much as its spectacular design.”

In the 3D tour, you can explore the circular living room featuring wrap-around glass walls, which offer uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. There is also a terrace that spills into one of two swimming pools for endless entertaining. On the main floor of Stark’s imaginary home, there is a private gym that leads to the second pool, which also features an adjoining bathroom. A cantilevered staircase will take you to the second floor that features “plenty of comfortable rooms and bathrooms to accommodate all your sidekicks.”

Of course, the 3D model of the home boasts a spacious garage that is also meant to serve as a workshop space, complete with a display case to show off armor (or a more realistic creation). And finally, no Tony Stark house would be complete without the artificial intelligence system that controls the home’s security and other systems. “Jarvis, designed personally by the former owner, is light years ahead of any other AI butler on the smart home market and sure to become almost a friend,” Arch Daily notes.

Don’t get too attached to the tour, though. Alas, this is still just an experiment. You will have to build the house yourself if you’re interested in actually living in it.

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