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Keep your food fresh in style with the new French door fridge from Jenn-Air

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Keeping your food fresh never looked quite so stylish. Meet the newest French door refrigerator from Jenn-Air, which has not just beauty, but brains as well. The 72-inch counter-depth fridge features Wi-Fi connectivity and Jenn-Air’s signature Obsidian interior, and promises a number of features that ought to protect the integrity of your ingredients.

“The refrigerator’s connectivity, enabling remote management of its features, helps enhance the refrigerator’s efficiency,” notes Jenn-Air marketing director Brian Maynard. “In addition to these technological advances, we’ve also incorporated the elegant design details Jenn-Air is known for, including our modern, obsidian black refrigerator interior.”

Blending in seamlessly with the rest of your smart home thanks to its companion iOS or Android app, the refrigerator’s temperature can be remotely controlled via your smartphone. This customization, Jenn-Air says, lets you keep your groceries at their freshest for the longest possible period of time. For example, if you come home with a big bag of groceries, you ought to set the fridge to the Max Cool setting, lowering the temperature of your refrigerator so they’re optimized for loading. Alternatively, if you’re preparing for a party, you can set the freezer’s temperature to up the production of ice.

You can also set your Jenn-Air app to notify you of various activities, like a door being left ajar, or a temperature rising above a set level. “Above and beyond this refrigerator’s Smart features, our engineers and designers left no stone unturned,” said Maynard. “They created ideal food storage conditions combined with an extraordinarily versatile interior to easily accommodate a range of ingredients and a variety of different sized platters and containers.”

Also included in the smart fridge is an integrated cubed/crushed ice and water dispenser, which can be programmed to deliver precise amounts of water to frequently used water bottles and pitchers. Other details include soft-close refrigerator and freezer drawers, as well as integrated cabinet LED strip lighting.

Customers have a choice between the Euro-Style design, which comes with slightly curved, metal handles, and the more commercial Pro-Style option, which includes metal handles with diamond etched grip. The Euro-Style fridge will set you back $4,599, whereas the Pro-Style option is set to debut at $4,699. 

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