Keepsy creates Instagram calendars just in time for the holiday season

If you own an iPhone, new or old, you are probably on Instagram. The fun photo app is one of the most popular and turns even the most mundane subjects into artistic, lomography-style photographs. The app allows users to share these artistic images with friends through the social sharing aspect, but what if you want to do more with your Instagram photos? There are several sites out there that will hook up with your Instagram account and help you make prints of your mobile photos, but Keepsy is the first one we’ve seen that will put all of your snapshots into fun calendar form. 

To create a Keepsy Instagram Calendar ($20 for 12 months, $26 for 18), you can grant Keepsy access to your personal Instagram account, select the photos you want to use, and create a layout that suits your tastes. If the calendar is a present for someone else, you can add a message to the back cover and even select which region they are in to make sure that all the dates and holidays are correct. 

Keepsy has also come up with a great way to allow users to include photos taken by friends without risking too much when it comes to privacy. Most printing sites will only let you use photos from your own Instagram account, for obvious privacy reasons. When creating an album or calendar through Keepsy, you can actually include photos taken on Instagram by friends you follow, but only if they are following you back. This prevents you from making a calendar of your favorite celebrity’s Instagram stream, and prevents stalkers from making a calendar filled with your photos. This way, you can create a fun, artistic calendar of photos you and your friends took, and gift it to them as a surprise. It’s a pretty economical way to spread some holiday cheer, if you ask us. 

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