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Modular shelves from Köllen can flip up or down depending on your needs

kollen modular shelves books
Books come in all shapes and sizes, so shouldn’t their shelves, too? Köllen certainly thinks so, and now, the company has developed a new series of modular and interactive bookshelves “formed by pieces which can be placed differently depending on the objects” it holds. It’s a sleek, modern look for your sleek, modern home, and gives you plenty of options when it comes to both storage and display.

Designed by Oriol Campillo Mestres, Núria Jané Ballarín, Adrián Soldado Cid, and Paula Terra Bosch, all students working towards their degrees in Industrial Product and Graphic Design at EINA, University Centre of Art and Design of Barcelona, the Köllen can be folded up or down (or in or out) depending on the user’s needs. The modular system depends upon the “repetition of adaptable pieces,” and easily changes form to accommodate its holdings.

When positioned vertically, these shelves serve a bit more of an aesthetic purpose, showing off their clever design and somewhat mountainous shape (Köllen actually is Swede for The Alps). But horizontally, the Köllen becomes a more traditional shelving unit, capable of holding just about anything you regular bookshelf can. And individual strips of the shelf can be used as hangers, too. Of course, the most interesting visual effect comes from mixing the two positions.

The shelves are made from natural birch plywood found in Finland, and is painted in a white lacquer with a matte varnish finish. Really, it’s pretty chic.

Köllen will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to get these shelves out more readily to the general public, though they’re already available for purchase if you’re looking to start your interior decorating process now. The standard white shelves are available for 350 euros (around $394), whereas colored Köllen shelves will set you back around $439. So if you’ve been searching for a clever way to combine practicality and style, these shelving units just may be your answer.

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