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This snazzy entryway lamp pulls double duty as a smart security system

kuna entry light doubles security system
Now that this whole “smart home” zeitgeist has really begun to take hold, it seems like a new smart doorbell or DIY security system hits the market every other week. Dozens of different companies have developed their own take on the idea, and while normally the announcement of yet another entrant into this category wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy, there’s a new one that just popped up on Indiegogo that offers a fresh new take on the idea.

For starters, this thing isn’t just a smart doorbell — Kuna is a sharp-looking, fully-functional outdoor light fixture that just so happens to have a camera and some sensors under the hood. With just a passing glance, you probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s got a camera in it, which definitely can’t be said about most other smart doorbells/security systems currently on the market.

Hidden beneath this snazzy modern exterior, it’s also loaded up with a slew of high-tech features. There’s a motion sensor to detect when people approach your door, an ambient light sensor that can turn the light on or off automatically as the sun rises or falls, and even a speaker/microphone assembly that allows Kuna to function as an intercom in your entryway. And of course, as is the standard for just about every “smart” device these days, it also connects to your home Wi-Fi network and can be controlled from afar via an accompanying smartphone application.

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Using all this tech, when somebody approaches your door, Kuna automatically pushes an alert to your phone to let you know. Tap on this notification, and you can instantly see what’s happening on your doorstep. If it’s just the UPS guy delivering your monthly shipment of PopTarts, then you can use the intercom to let him know it’s alright to leave the box at the door — but if it’s a greasy-haired creep in a cheap suit claiming he’s just trying to sell vacuums, you can tell him to piss off, or just turn on the siren and watch him high-tail it off your property.

At this point, Kuna Systems has only developed a handful of working prototypes, but it has recently turned to the crowdfunding community on Indiegogo to raise funds for large scale production. The project has already raised more than $20K of it’s $50K goal, and the campaign has only been live for a few hours as this is being written, so it appears to be on track for success. If you back the project now during the early stages, you can lock down a Kuna light for around $130. Find out more here.

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