LED forest installation illuminates the night sky

No, you’re not gazing upon a real life recreation of Pandora from James Cameron’s epic blockbuster Avatar. Instead, you’re looking at the work of artist Bruce Munro’s spectacular LED, fiber optic, and projector light art installation.

Located at the Holbourne Museum in Bath, England, Munro’s illuminating Field of Light garden exhibit includes over 5,000 frosted acrylic orbs that connect through a series of fiber optic cables to a color-scrolling projector. Each night the museum exhibit is lit from 4-7pm, and while the bulk of the exhibit takes shape outside, the interior of the museum has also been decorated with a few patches of acrylic stems for onlookers to admire.

The installation features a wide array of fluorescent lights that alternate and shift in mass clusters, lighting up the surrounding park. It’s a really spectacular exhibit that shouldn’t be missed. It’s sure to light up your eyes, as well as your spirits this holiday season.

[Via Inhabitat]

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