This LED lamp just needs a small candle to power its light

Candles are a common form of lighting in many parts of the developing world, but as a source of light they are less than ideal. After all, trying to light up an entire room with a single candle just can’t be done. Lumir, however, has decided to make the flame go further by creating a candle-powered LED lamp called Lumir C.

When candles burn, they emit energy as heat. Lumir C works by converting this heat into electricity using two types of semi-conductors. The design enables the lamp to power the LED light without requiring any other external power supply.

To use Lumir C, all you have to do is light a candle. When you set the lamp over the candle, the LED light will turn on automatically. And of course turning it off is also easy, since even when the lamp is over the candle, you can simply blow out the flame.

The company came up with the idea for Lumir C after its founders experienced blackouts while traveling through India, but the lamp wasn’t created exclusively with the developing world in mind. The firm envisioned the lighthouse-shaped lamp as a source of light for people all over the world to use both indoors and outdoors. With two different types offered — Lumir Mood and Lumir Spot — users can get either a cozy atmosphere or a more concentrated beam of light.

Lumir is aiming to reduce pollution by eliminating the need for batteries and is also working on a similar product called Lumir K that aims to reduce the amount of kerosene users will need to consume in lamps. In the meantime, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign Monday to put Lumir C into mass production with the goal of shipping starting in July.

Pledges of $1 or above earn the company’s thanks and updates about its achievements, while early-bird backers who contribute $59 will get one Lumir lamp.

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