Lexon Mini Totem cleans up your desk

lexon mini totem cleans up your desk minitotem

We could all use a little help when it comes to keeping our desks at work or at home free of clutter. With papers, gadgets, and office supplies all in need, it can make for a pretty big mess, so we’re all for anything that will help us keep things a little more organized and clutter-free. While most of the organization will be left up to you, this fun design from Lexon might help out just a little bit. The Lexon Mini Totem is a smart design of stackable office supplies and accessories. The totem includes a container for pens, pencils and the like, a digital clock, a tape dispenser, an organizational container for paper clips etc., and a useful USB hub. 

The items can sit separately or be stacked together for a neat and tidy look. The totem comes in a handful of colors, but the price is listed as available with contact, so we’re not sure what that means. We can’t imagine a desk accessory totem would be too expensive, but hey, we could be wrong.