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Knock and the door shall be see-through: New LG fridge door goes transparent

We have all opened the fridge and stood there looking through its contents, all the while losing refrigerated air and the energy it represents. Now LG has come up with the perfect solution with its InstaView refrigerator.

The right French door of the fridge is equipped with a special tinted panel that becomes translucent when someone knocks on it twice. You can view all your food and save the coolness for inside the fridge where it belongs.

Other companies have toyed with the idea of see-through refrigerator doors. Haier, a company serving most of Europe and Japan, developed a motion sensor model that had panels which faded to transparency when users approached and dimmed when they walked away. LG even showed the same knock-to-see-through technology in its “Signature” fridge. Neither of these models is available for purchase in the United States yet.

While there are already glass door fridges on the market, the InstaView is set to be more popular because of the privacy factor. Not every consumer’s refrigerator is going to be the neat lineup of produce and drinks that you see in the commercials. The tinted glass on the InstaView makes it nearly impossible to see inside when the lights are dimmed so the secrets of your fridge are safely hidden away.

The fridge also features the door-in-door compartment which allows you to open a compartment and access the contents stored in the door without opening the entire fridge. The concept is meant to retain cold air inside the body of the fridge and make accessing quick snacks and drinks more convenient.

The four-door model will be priced at $4,500 and the three-door model at $4,300. The standard four-door is $4,200 without the InstaView. The new models are expected to be available for purchase this coming fall and all the details can be found over on LG’s website.

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