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Loop is a photo-sharing, video-conferencing tablet even grandma can use

Loop - Family Communication Device for the Home
Sure, you can be connected to everyone, everywhere in the world, but do you really want to be? For all your thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, let’s be honest — you’re only interested in connecting with a handful of them. Here to capitalize on our naturally insular natures is Loop, a personal photo-sharing platform meant exclusively for you and your innermost circle.

The device was born out of a desire to easily send baby photos to a single recipient. When CEO Brian Gannon first created Loop, he simply wanted to share photos with his father. The very first iteration of the Loop was a simple Wi-Fi-connected screen that was connected to a smartphone app. And now, the same concept has been further developed to become a connected photo album that you want to show in your home. The Loop can be used to send photos and videos, videochat, and even connect to social media channels. Currently, you can display content from Facebook, Instagram, and Apple Photos (though the team notes that additional sources are in the pipeline).

The 10-inch high-resolution screen allows you to show off photos and videos to everyone in the room, and there’s also a built-in microphone and speakers for easy voice conferencing. Think of it as having a screen dedicated to Skype in your living room, but one that can also display your favorite family photos when not in use for video calls.

A knob on the side of the device allows you to easily make or receive calls, or browse through other channels to curate your content.

While setting up the Loop requires a smartphone (you’ll have to connect the device with an iPhone or Android), once the display is up and running, you don’t need any mobile device for seamless operation. Of course, you can still use the accompanying app to share content with preselected contacts, as well as for remote operations.

“People are craving products that make life simpler,” Gannon told Venus Muse. “Loop is a purpose-built device that makes it incredibly easy for families to stay connected, whether they live around the corner or a continent away. It’s a Wi-Fi-connected communications platform that allows loved ones and friends to share pictures and video so everyone can stay in the loop. It’s like Facebook for the five people you care about the most.”

Now available for pre-order on the Loop website, these Wi-Fi displays are shipping this month to early bird customers. You can buy one Loop for $249, or buy a three-pack and save $50 per device.

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