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Major Mom brings drill-sergeant efficiency to the organization of your home

major mom is a company of professional organizers organized kitchen pots and pans
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One time two friends of mine settled a debt by having the debtor clean and organize the lender’s apartment. It was the perfect arrangement, because the former was a neatnik and the latter was a bit of a packrat. Some people just like clearing away clutter, and Angela Cody-Rouge based her business, Major Mom, around that.

On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, Cody-Rouge will pitch to the Sharks her company, a firm that sends professional organizers to homes that need major and minor overhauls. Cody-Rouge became a professional organizer after her time in the U.S. Air Force, then brought on a partner and eventually more “liberators” — as the organizers are called.

Any employee who arrives at your home has been schooled in the Major Mom Method (the company’s brand of home organization) for 36 hours, has spent 48 hours doing hands-on training, and has undergone a background check along with culture-fit and personality tests.

It’s not a cleaning service, there to dust and do your dishes. Instead, clearing out closets, prepping the house for a new baby, unpacking after a move, and teaching kids how to stay organized are among the services offered. Prices range from $288 for a very small job to $2,888 for a big overhaul. Right now, Major Mom is only operational in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, but the company could expand if it has a successful appearance on Shark Tank.

There are of course professional organizers in every state and they are relatively easy to find via Google — or through the National Association of Professional Organizers, which requires its members to pay yearly dues and complete three courses.

Why does becoming a professional organizer require so much training? Certified professional organizer Julie Bestry likened it to someone who wants to lose weight consulting a personal trainer in an interview with Lifehacker. They could probably watch videos to get a workout routine, but outside help keeps them on track and offers guidance. Professional organizers also have networks of resources that you don’t, like consignment stores, retailers, and appraisers. It’s one reason Major Mom specializes in downsizing and combining households — those are both times you have duplicate items you don’t really want to end up in a landfill.

And if you’re embarrassed about having a stranger come in and see the Animal Host poster and futon you’ve had since college, Major Mom at least has a “no judgment” guarantee.

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