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The Sage RF cooking appliance is like a super-precise microwave

micrwave concept for better cooking sage connected rf appliance
The Sage RF oven
We’ve all experienced the joys of microwave ovens: burned popcorn, rubber chicken, a plate of food with bites that are alternately scalding and cold.

Freescale Semiconductor is out to change that with its new Sage microwave oven concept on display this week at its Freescale Technology Forum in Austin, Texas. The solid-state RF microwave uses radio frequency (RF) emitters instead of magnetrons to heat our goodies.

Freescale says that unlike microwave ovens with magnetrons, solid-state RF cooking can control where, when and how much heating energy is directed into food – enabling more precise cooking for improved consistency, taste and nutrition. This fine-tuned heating capability helps prevent overcooking, which can destroy nutritional content, reduce moisture, and waste energy.

By precisely controlling the location, cycles, and levels of cooking energy, the appliance will bring food from a raw or frozen state to a cooked temperature rapidly and without intervention. In addition, convection heating capability enables browning and crisping. The oven concept can support a wide array of cooking types and qualities, from searing to browning, baking, and poaching.

The design also enables new form factors like round microwave ovens, as well as products capable of cooking multiple dishes and items at the same time within the same appliance.

Freescale says the RF technology does not interfere with your home’s wireless RF and Wi-Fi signals, as some microwaves can do.

Freescale’s Sage design also connects wirelessly to a home router for Internet of Things capabilities and smartphone app features. Freestyle eyes scenarios with supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and other vendors delivering a host of Internet-ordered meal options to homes for quick and easy cooking in RF microwaves. Perhaps all that food will be delivered by smartphone-connected drones?

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