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Steve Castle

Steve Castle

Steve Castle’s fascination with technology began as a staff writer for luxury magazine Robb Report, where he reported on high-end home theater, and has grown to include home tech from smart home to green and emerging technologies. He has been writing about technology for 20 years.

Comcast 4K UHD Box

Ready to toss your cable box? It could be what connects your smart home

With about 25 billion connected devices, can the lowly cable box become the hub of the smart home anfd the undisputed Internet of Things King? The cable companies would like that.
ge bluetooth range edge to with chef connect features

To sync the microwave and range, GE’s Chef Connect adds a dash of Bluetooth

bricklaying robot hadrian

This brick-laying robot can build an entire house in 2 days flat

An Australian engineer has developed a bricklaying robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, work 24/7, and complete the shell of a home in just two days.
nest protect insurance discounts white

Nest Protect users get insurance discounts, Big Data concerns

Liberty Mutual announced insurance discounts for customers in some states who use the Nest Protect communicating smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
emergency floor 2 floor3

Emergency Floor aims to give refugees protection from the ground

ily smartphone for the home

Ily is sort of like a smartphone for the whole home

apple tv homekit hub ios 8

How to use Siri to control Apple HomeKit

Apple has just released some Siri commands for you to use to control the few HomeKit-compatible devices available.
toilet of the future featured

Toilet of the future is flush with solar power, sensors

Researchers at Caltech took seven high-tech steps to build the toilet of the future, including adding solar power and sensors.
smart water meter use in drought cal

In drought-stricken California, smart meters catch water hogs, help find leaks

micrwave concept for better cooking sage connected rf appliance

The Sage RF cooking appliance is like a super-precise microwave

Freescale Semiconductor's new RF microwave oven concept uses radio frequency (RF) emitters instead of magnetrons to heat our goodies.
3d printed scrubber 9

Toss that filthy sponge for an antimicrobial 3D printed scrubber

sense works with nest sensemother home1

You can now control Nest with sensors

strips ultra thin sensor invisible window and door

Strips is a window sensor so thin it’s nearly invisible

Zero Energy Smart Home

This home looks ordinary but it could save its owners $70,000

world thinnest light bulb graphene

World’s thinnest light bulb is made from graphene

dispose of light bulbs

LEDs are gaining in popularity, a new survey finds

whirlpool moldy washer settlement laundry room with washing machine and dryer

Which appliances cause the most fires? The answer may surprise you