To sync the microwave and range, GE’s Chef Connect adds a dash of Bluetooth

ge bluetooth range edge to with chef connect features
GE's new Chef Connect feature allows syncing a range with a microwave.
Kitchens are becoming more and more high-tech, with Wi-Fi connected appliances, smartphone apps, and downloadable recipes. Now GE is mixing in a dash of Bluetooth.

The short-range wireless technology, which GE calls Chef Connect, will be included in a new Profile range line and over-the-range microwave that can sync with each other and create what GE calls a more unified experience in the kitchen.

Chef Connect features are pretty basic now but could hint at bigger things to come:

  • Automatic lighting for cooking on the stovetop — When the range’s burner is turned on, the lights from the microwave will automatically turn on, so chefs won’t need to flip a switch to see their food illuminated. GE also added a third light to create better light distribution.
  • Syncing the clocks  If the time is set on the microwave, the range will automatically sync to that time and vice versa, eliminating that nagging one-minute difference that could ruin a good recipe.
  • Turn on the vent fan  Consumers also have the option of setting their vent fan to turn on automatically when the range is turned on.

Chef Connect Technology“This connectivity is really about convenience,” says Heather Koyama, GE Appliances product manager in a statement. “We believe adding this technology will be a feature consumers in kitchens throughout America can appreciate.”

GE previously introduced Wi-Fi connectivity to its Profile line with IFTTT (If-this-then-that) automation features with recipes that turn the oven off after the cooking is done, for example.

The new Free Standing Gas and Electric Profile will have edge-to edge-cooktops. Prices will be start at $1,100 for the electric and $1,200 for gas, and they will be available in August.

The Over-the-Range Microwave will have a capacity of 2.1 cubic feet and a sleek look with bottom controls and an integrated handle. Its price will be $499 stainless or slate and $449 for black or white, and it will be available in September.

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