You can now control Nest with sensors

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Aren't they cute?'s Mother sensor hub works with Motion Cookies placed around the house.’s endlessly cute Mother sensor system can now work with the Nest Learning Thermostat to adjust temperatures throughout your home.

The Mother sensor system can let Nest know when you’re not home or when you’re asleep, signaling the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically adjust to predetermined temperatures. uses a Mother hub that connects to a wireless router, and Motion Cookies that can be placed around the house or near you to detect you presence, your sleep quality, how many espressos you drink, whether the kids are brushing their teeth, and other things you may not wish to know or be reminded of.

“Integrating our platform with Nest and other third-party connected devices is part of our mission to create a global and seamless smart living experience,” says Rafi Haladjian, CEO of

The colorful Motion Cookies find and analyze patterns as they learn and adapt, according to They connect to numerous applications, affix themselves to everyday objects, and transmit their data to Mother. They can store data for 10 days, and 24 Cookies can be used simultaneously.

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Applications for Nest include adjusting the temperature when no one is home with a Presence function that instructs Nest to go into its Away mode temperature settings. (Nest often won’t go into Auto-Away right away, and some users may prefer not to use this function).

In addition, temps can be adjusted via a Nest preset when you sleep, with the Sleep application. By placing a sensor on your mattress, the Mother system detects when you go to bed, fall asleep, wake up and get up. The system uses this information to adjust the temperature and to turn it back to normal just before your usual wake-up time.

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