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Cooking made easier: Midea announces upcoming line of small appliances

When used wisely, kitchen appliances make cooking easier. Yet, when appliances don’t look as good as the rest of the kitchen, they often spend their time behind cabinet doors. To keep kitchens looking their best, Midea revealed a range of upcoming small appliances for 2017.

“Kitchens are the heart of today’s home, and it’s understandable that consumers want their kitchen not only to look its very best but also be ready for life’s everyday moments,” says Kurt Jovais, the sales and marketing vice president of Midea. “Our new, stylish and feature-rich small appliances are sure to impress.” Among the new appliances are blenders, electric kettles, emulsifiers, and various types of portable cookers.

For easy smoothies, the Personal Chef Series power blender offers a large 50-ounce glass carafe and two 32-ounce travel cups. The six blade chopper can be easily removed and is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning. Available in May, the Chef Series blender will cost $90.  Alternatively, the High-Performance Blender offers increased power for consistent blending every time. The 60-ounce Tritan carafe has built-in, off-center blades which create a vortex for optimal blending. High Performance comes at a higher cost this June for $180.

Electric kettles are perfect for heating water efficiently. Midea’s new 8000 Series Glass Kettle can hold up to 57 ounces and features a removable infuser for brewing the perfect tea. With different brew temperature setting, this kettle ensures an optimum brew. The Glass Kettle is available this April for $60. If safety is a priority over design, the CoolTouch Kettle can heat its contents while remaining cool to the touch. It can hold up to 50 ounces and when it reaches a boil, it automatically shuts itself off. Even if users forget it’s on, there is no danger here. The CoolTouch Kettle also hits shelves in April for $30.

With the growing popularity of dairy alternatives, the NRG Extractor is perfect for making homemade almond, coconut, and rice milk. Fruit smoothies, soup, oatmeal, and tofu are also easy to make. The NRG Extractor features a grinder with two sharp blades to make sure everything is finely ground. Expect to see the NRG Extractor this May for $80.

Additionally, Midea has numerous cookers coming throughout April and May. These include slow, pressure, induction, and rice cookers and range from $20 to $100. Further details about these appliances are at Midea’s website.

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