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Take control of your house’s scents with Moodo, the smart diffuser

Smart diffuser maker Moodo is shipping $200,000 worth of its products to backers

Moodo - The Smart Home Scent Machine
Home may be where the heart is, but it is most certainly where the nose is. After all, does anything say “home” quite like the smell of mom’s cookies or dad’s aftershave? Now, you can decide exactly what your home smells like thanks to Moodo, an internet-connected, customizable scent-mixing system. With Moodo, you won’t be stuck with the premixed scents provided to you by Yankee Candle or some oily diffuser — you can create your own scents, and control them straight from your smartphone.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign in which the smart diffuser maker raised more than $200,000, Moodo is now shipping to its backers. General online ordering will become available this fall.

“There’s so much you can personalize in today’s smart home, but a key part was missing: scent,” said Yoav Avidor, CEO of Agan Aroma and Moodo’s creator. “With more than 50 years in the fragrance industry, we know that smell can influence your mood instantly, so we set out to bring a new custom scent experience to consumers with a virtually limitless world of fragrances to choose from. We’re excited to now get Moodo in the hands of our biggest supporters from the beginning and ramp up our general availability.”

So how does it work? The smart fragrance box comes with four slots for up to four different smell capsules. Not only can you decide which four scents you’d like to combine, but you can also determine their ratios. Using the companion smartphone app, you can adjust the intensity of each of the four capsules at a moment’s notice. So if you want a citrus smell in the morning, but need something a little more woodsy in the evening, just grab your phone and make those changes.

If you’re particularly taken with one of the scents you create, you can save the specific combination in the app, then recall, share, or further refine your personalized fragrance. And if you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, simply tell Moodo how you’re feeling, and the app can suggest a few scents that will match or enhance your mood.

So go ahead — take control of how your house smells. Your nose deserves it.

Update: Moodo is now shipping more than $200,000 worth of product. 

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