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Mow your lawn from your smartphone with Mowz

mow lawn smartphone mowz mowing

On-demand startups are all the rage right now. Ever since Uber started kicked off the trend with its innovative on-demand ride service, other companies have taken the same business model and applied it to just about every other type of service imaginable. Nowadays, there’s an on-demand app for everything: doing your laundry, shipping a package, buying groceries — even fixing a leaky faucet. And now, thanks to a new app called Mowz, there’s finally an on-demand service for trimming your grass.

Here’s how it works. Just like other on-demand services, you start by downloading the app onto your Android or iOS mobile device. Upon launch, you’ll be prompted to enter in basic information like your name and address, as well as some more specific stuff like the size and terrain of your lawn. When that’s all done, you simply choose the date/time you’d like your grass to be mowed, and the app sends you a quote. If you like the price, Mowz takes it from there.

mowzOnce they’ve got all the information they need, the company then reaches out to its network of insured providers to find somebody to mow your grass. Dispatch times vary depending on where you live, but in many cases the job can be done within just a few hours from the time you schedule the appointment. Prices vary from yard to yard, but according to the company’s founders, the average price is generally around $35. When the job is finished, Mowz charges your credit card for the quoted price (you enter in credit card info during the signup process) and sends you a picture of your freshly-trimmed grass.

As with other on-demand services, getting your lawn trimmed by Mowz will cost you a bit extra, but that extra bit of cash buys you an extra measure of convenience. As long as you live within the area that the company services, the app allows you to schedule your grass to be cut from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, however, Mowz service is currently only available in a small area around where the company is headquartered, which in this case happens to be Syracuse, NY. It’s unclear how wide of an area the company operates in, but for the time being it seems that unelss you live in New York, you’re stuck mowing your lawn the old fashioned way.

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