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The best electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mowers are often quieter, easier to use, and better for the environment than gas motor equivalents. Today’s models are so efficient that they can handle a wide range of lawns at an affordable cost — and we’re picking the best from our reviews, starting with the Ego LM2102SP (be sure to check out our list of the best robot mowers, too).

What about batteries? Lawn mower batteries are easier to maintain than gas motors and generally less expensive for upkeep. However, they do have lifespans and will eventually need to be replaced. A mower battery’s lifespan can vary, but expect your lawn mower battery to start developing poor performance after several years. You can make them last longer by storing them in moderate temperatures and making sure they’re charged at least once a month during the off-season. Otherwise, look for brands with affordable and readily available replacement batteries.

What about corded mowers? When electric mowers first came out, they were primarily corded because this was the best way to provide ample power to the motor. Of course, the last thing you want around a lawn mower is a live electric cord, so when (albeit more expensive) battery models came out, the market shifted immediately. Today, there are battery mowers fit for both tiny patches of lawn and larger lawns where even corded mowers would have struggled, which has mostly pushed corded models out of the market — and off this list.

Ego 21-inch LM2102SP

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Ego combines some of the best cordless mower features in one model without bumping the price up too high. This 56-volt lawn mower can run for up to 60 minutes on the high-quality ARC lithium battery, while the lightweight plastic design (common for cordless mowers) makes maneuvering easy.

The Ego LM2102SP includes six different height settings are included, and the mower has mulching capabilities as well as bagging. There are even LED lights for when you’re getting up at dawn to mow the grass. We also appreciate the included battery, which can easily work with other Ego products if you want to expand your battery-based yard tools with blowers, weed eaters, and other lawn equipment.

Greenworks 21-inch MO80L410

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Greenworks remains one of the leading names in battery-powered lawn mowers because of models just like this powerful 80-volt mower. The sturdy design includes larger wheels to manage trickier terrain and options for side discharge of grass clippings. A full charge will last for up to an hour. It has a steel frame design, which is heavier and more difficult to manage, but made for durability.

The Greenworks MO80L410 even has a self-propelled option, which is an interesting choice for a cordless mower. The self-propelled model routes some of the battery power and motor function to the wheels to give the mower a kick while it’s running, as many gas-powered mowers do. It drains battery life and isn’t necessary for lightweight plastic frame mowers, but for a steel frame version like this, it’s a nice feature to have. You’ll see other steel-frame models on this list also feature self-propel options.

Snapper XD 21-inch SXD21SPWM82k

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Looking for even more power? Snapper is happy to oblige with this 82-volt steel-frame mower that focuses on durability and cutting force. The three-in-one design offers mulching, bagging, and side discharge. There are seven different height positions to pick from, and load-sensing technology that can add extra force to the blades if it looks like they are encountering thick grass. A self-propelled mode is also included.

The battery of the Snapper XD SXD21SPWM82k lasts for around 45 minutes on a single charge. The model we’ve chosen includes two batteries you can substitute out for longer projects — just charge one battery while you use the other.

Toro 22-inch 20363

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This 60-volt lawn mower has a slightly wider 23-inch deck for a broader cutting path, and it can handle up to a third of an acre on one battery charge.

The Toro 20363 has several different cutting heights, and it has a self-propel mode with a few different speeds. We also like the three-year full battery warranty that comes with this mower.

Yard Force 22-inch YF120VRX

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This Yard Force model is a good pick for frequent yard work and commercial lawn maintenance. The 120-volt model can handle the roughest mowing situations, and it comes with an innovative feature that only a few cordless mowers have: Two battery slots that allow you to connect dual batteries at the same time and switch from one to the other when one starts running low on juice. Several self-propelled options are available, and this is another mower with sensors that can increase blade speeds when necessary.

The whole package may provide too much power and features for smaller yards, but the Yard Force YF120VRX thrives when tackling bigger jobs.

Black+Decker BESTA512CM

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Of course, some people have very small lawns or patches of grass that need a light, inexpensive touch. In these cases, a corded mower is a fine choice and an inexpensive option, which is why Black + Decker provides this convertible electric mower. It mows a 12-inch wide path for grass section, then turns into an edger or even a trimmer for taking care of nearby projects.

All in all, the Black+Decker BESTA512CM is a great choice for people who may just have a strip of lawn by the sidewalk, but still want to make sure it looks its best.

Looking for more tools for your lawn? We’ve found the best lawn sprinklers, weed killer, and fertilizer for the yard.

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