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The $700 Moxi stroller will recharge your phone and keep track of your mileage

Supermoms deserve super strollers, and if a $700 price tag makes something super, then that’s exactly what we should call this new Moxi stroller from 4moms. Designed with the tech savvy, 21st-century mother in mind, this carriage knows that mama is just as important as baby — after all, she’s doing all the pushing. So as a reward, all that power you expend pushing your baby around is turned into electricity by way of generators built into the stroller’s rear wheels. That means that you can charge your phone simply by strolling around town.

The Moxi isn’t available yet, but you can bet that when it does hit the market in October, it’ll have all the hippest parents lining up in droves. For $700, your stroller and its associated generators will be able to power the headlights and taillights that will guide you and your baby’s journey through neighborhood streets, and also connect to an app that lets you adjust certain aspects of your stroller. And yes, of course, it’ll double as a fitness tracker by keeping tabs on how far you’ve pushed your child and the calories you’ve burned doing so.

Your baby will be able to face in either direction when riding in the stroller, and you’ll be able to store your keys, phone, wallet, and diaper bag in the stroller, too. Thanks to a retractable canopy, your baby will be protected from harmful UV rays, and to protect your posture, the stroller’s handle can be adjusted to suit various heights. Just think of it as the precursor to your minivan.

And don’t worry — you’ll get plenty of mileage out of the Moxi. Capable of accommodating both newborns and children up to 55 pounds, you’ll probably be looking for a way to fit yourself into this next-generation stroller. So if your interest is at all piqued, you’ll want to go here to be the first to know when the Moxi is available.

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