MVRDV’s “The Cloud”: A different type of cloud

Nowadays when we hear the term “the cloud” many of us immediately think of that magical imaginary space in the air where all our documents, photos, and Justin Bieber albums are safely stored for our enjoyment. But as of today, a new “cloud” is rolling in, and while it might look magical, it’s anything but imaginary.

Dutch architectural group MVRD, has unveiled plans for its new “The Cloud” multiple purpose, mixed use residential highrises within the Yongsan Dreamhub Masterplan in Seoul, Korea. The Rotterdam-based firm is to set move forward with plans for the towers which are set to measure between 260 and 300 meters upon completion.

At the base, both towers look typical enough, it’s not until you reach the 27th floor that you start to see the towers evoke the pixilated cloud shape that the buildings derive their name from. These eye-catching “clouds” span ten floors and will feature a sky-bridge that will connect both towers. Housed within the 14,000 square meter space you’ll find cafes, restaurants, and a conference center, in addition to wellness and fitness studios — while, gardens, decks, and pools will sweep out among the pixilated terraces.

The whole design looks strikingly beautiful and will also include various apartments, townhomes, and an office/hotel hybrid. Expected completion for the cloud is set for 2015.