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Save up to $300 off the Arlo and Cloud Cam security cameras on Amazon

Smart home security camera applications range from baby and pet cams to extensive multi-camera installations connected to 24/7 professional security monitoring services. Amazon slashed prices for its own Cloud Cam and on multiple configurations of four generations of Arlo security cameras.

We’ve found the best deals on security cameras on Amazon and put them all in one place. The Amazon Cloud Cam deal is straightforward, with a 25% discount per camera. There are multiple deals for the Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo IQ cameras below.

In general, you’ll save more per camera when you buy more, but in some cases, inventory factors influence the pricing. If you’re not sure about buying a specific multi-camera configuration, look at the other bundles with the same camera to check for an even better deal. All the deals for a specific Arlo model are on the same Amazon product page. If you want to add or upgrade security cameras to your smart home, these 17 deals can help you save up to $300.

Amazon Cloud Cam — $30 off

Amazon’s Cloud Cam is a 1080p full HD AC-powered Wi-Fi camera. The Cloud Cam has a 120-degree diagonal field of view and uses eight infrared LEDs for night vision. When the camera’s motion sensor detects movement, it sends an alert notification to your configured smartphone and begins recording audio and 30 frames per second video. You can speak with visitors via two-way talk. Recorded video clips are saved in cloud storage for free for 24 hours for up to three cameras. Cloud Cam paid subscriptions range from $7 to $20 a month ($70 to $200 per year), support up to 10 cameras, save clips up to 30 days, and include extra features such as person detection, motion detection, and defined motion detection zones. You can check livestream video and audio from the Cloud Cam at any time from your computer, mobile device, or Alexa-compatible smart display.

Normally priced $120 each, the Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera is cut to $90 for this sale. The Cloud Cam does not require a separate hub, so if you want to set up a multiple camera system, to a maximum of 10 cameras, simply order the number you want for the same 25% discount on each.

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Arlo -wireless home security camera system — $22 to $201 off

The Arlo wireless home security camera system runs on rechargeable lithium metal batteries. You can place the weather-resistant 720p HD camera with a 110-degree field of view and 8x zoom indoors or outside. Like other Arlo wireless cameras, this model connects to a required base station that in turn connects directly to your home network router. The base station also houses the system’s siren. The Arlo camera includes night vision and detects motion, but does not have two-way audio support. The free Arlo monitoring plan includes live remote video streaming, seven days of secure cloud storage for up to five cameras, and email motion alerts and app notifications. The Arlo is Alexa voice-compatible so you can view recorded clips and live stream video on compatible smart displays.

There are four Arlo security camera deals on Amazon. The 1-camera kit with a base station normally sells for $150 but is on sale for $128. The two-camera kit with base station lists for $350 but is cut to $149, a $201 saving and the best deal for this model Arlo camera. A four-camera kit with a base station is discounted to $349 from the usual $450 list price. If you already have an Arlo base station, you can buy an Arlo Add-on camera for $75, reduced from the normal $120 list price.

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Arlo Pro – wireless home security camera system with Siren — $50 to $233 off

If you opt for the Arlo Pro wireless home security system, the upgrade includes two-way audio so you can talk with visitors (or warn off potential intruders). Also, the Arlo Pro Base Station can connect to an external USB drive for local video clip backup storage, a feature not available with the Arlo Base Station.

Amazon has five deals for Arlo Pro kits, each with a base station, and an add-on camera deal for existing customers. A one-camera kit that lists for $250 is on sale for $200. The $420 two-camera kit deal is just $245. Buy the three-camera kit for $347 and save $233 from the normal $580 price. The five-camera kit for $741 and six-camera kit for $816 are discounted $79 and $109, respectively, but neither saves as much as the two-camera and three-cam kits. An Arlo Pro add-on camera costs $123, discounted from $190.

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Arlo Pro 2 – wireless home security camera system with Siren — $75 to $300 off

Moving up to the Arlo Pro 2 home camera security system is the sweet spot of the wireless lineup feature-wise. There are no deals currently for the Arlo Ultra 4K security camera systems, which may be overkill for most homes. The Pro 2 upgrades from the Arlo Pro with a 1080p full HD video camera with a 130-degree field of view and 12x zoom.

Amazon has four deals for the Arlo Pro 2, including three kits with multiple cameras and a base station and an add-on camera for existing Arlo systems. The Arlo Pro 2 two-camera kit is on sale for $337, marked down from its normal $480 price. The Arlo Pro 2 three-cam kit usually costs $680, but Amazon discounted it to $479. The greatest saving of all for Arlo cameras is the $300 discount on the six-camera kit, cut from $1,100 to $800. A single Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera lists for $220 but sells for $145 in this sale.

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Arlo Q – wired, 1080p HD security camera — $16 to $77 off

The Arlo Q is an Alexa-compatible indoor-only, wired 1080p full HD home security camera with two-way audio and free cloud storage. Even though the Arlo Q is an indoor camera, it has night vision for 24-hour monitoring. You can also configure this camera for 24/7 continuous recording with optional nonstop cloud storage. The Arlo Q is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and live video viewing. This Arlo camera connects directly to your home Wi-Fi network and does not require an Arlo Base Station.

A single Arlo Q is discounted from $150 to $134 for this sale. Save even more per camera with the Arlo Q two-pack, on sale for $203 instead of the usual $280 price.

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