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Naya Health launches smart breast pump to make the process ‘suck less’ … but also more

As hard as nursing a child is, it is no surprise that for centuries women who could do so pawned the job off on wet nurses. That practice has fallen out of fashion in many Western cultures, though, so new solutions have been needed.

Naya Health launched its smart breast pump Tuesday in hopes of making pumping “suck less” — at least in the figurative sense. Practically, the goal is to get more milk with less inconvenience, discomfort, and stress. The new pump uses patent-pending HydroComfort Technology to work “quickly, quietly, and gently,” not to mention to help users pump up to 25 percent more breast milk per session compared to its competitors, according to Naya.

The device attaches with silicone flanges for comfort, and then uses flowing water to massage the user’s breasts to release milk faster. Most other pumps use air, but Naya opted for water to reduce noise. Naya describes its pump as “a long overdue new product for nursing mothers.”

The company also succeeded in making the pump highly portable. The device, which comes with a storage bag, is cordless and weighs just three pounds. Additionally, its battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 180 minutes, or about two days’ worth of pumping.

The design is intended to be quick and hygienic, just like the pumps used in hospitals. To that end, the device is designed with fewer parts, which decreases the amount of time and effort needed both for using and cleaning it. On top of that, it works with a companion app, which lets users easily track their milk supply, including daily and weekly stats.

To accompany the pump’s launch, Naya also released a new video called If Men Breastfed. The 2-minute video highlights in a unique way the challenges women face while pumping: by imagining a world in which men did the chore instead. Let’s just say that pumping could be very different.

If Men Breastfed

The Naya Smart Breast Pump is on sale now and retails for $999.

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