Neato’s new vacuum bots cut old prices but keep their sweet features

neato botvac dsc 0197
Neato just launched two new vacuum robots at this year’s IFA and, not only are they connected, they’re remarkably affordable.

Botvac D3 and Botvac D5 demonstrate a step forward for a company that’s already won plenty of fans for its modernist bots and sophisticated navigation system.

Like Neato’s prior models, Botvac D3 and D5 rely on laser-guided navigation to help them avoid collisions as they roam around, mapping and adapting to rooms in real time. Like the company’s flagship, Botvac Connected, the D3 and D5 connect to Wi-Fi — which lets you send the vacuum on a cleaning spree even while you’re out of the house. They can also be controlled remotely via the Neato app — which lets you show off your vacuum driving skills as you steer the Botvac around a particularly filthy area.

To meet the D3’s $399 price point, Neato went with a standard lithium-ion battery, which is a step up from the standard D series but a step down from the company’s flagship, Botvac Connected. The D3 can cover up to 1,800 square-feet of floor space in a day (compared to the Connected’s 5,000 square feet), returning periodically to its charging base to recharge until it finishes the job.

Meanwhile, the $599 D5 is packed with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and covers up to 4,500 square feet of floor space in a given day. Neato also kept some of our favorite features intact, including an “ultra” performance filter, side brush, and magnetic tape that lets you designate boundaries for the robot.  The D5 will also offer cleaning statistics, which allow users to check whether the bot is doing its job, monitoring how much floor space it covered and how much time it spent cleaning.

The D3 and D5 are scheduled to hit shelves in the United States and Europe in October 2016.

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