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Night Owl Security Products’ new system lets you monitor your home from anywhere

night owl
Night Owl Security Products is taking the wraps off its latest products, including a new security system and wireless gateway, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company offers an array of surveillance systems for residential and commercial properties.

Night Owl’s new security system is the 16 channel, 12 camera, 4 TB NVR Wired Security System. This network video recorder is equipped with a 4TB hard disk drive and H.265 video compression to ensure you don’t run out of space to store footage. Users can employ the app to keep an eye on their property from anywhere in the world. Audio-enabled cameras, 100 feet of night vision, and 4K resolution help you stay tuned in. The system also comes with a host of additional security features, including vandal-proof mounting and Rapid Image Detection Technology (RID).

What is RID exactly? According to Night Owl, RID “uses an advanced algorithm to distinguish non-threats like weather and insects from true threats like people, animals, and vehicles. This technology allows future software updates to increase the camera’s intelligence and enhance its performance.” That means a strong wind or a stray moth won’t accidentally trigger a false alarm and get you worried for no reason. It’ll only be set off by things that pose a real danger to the security of your home.

Night Owl also unveiled the Wireless Gateway, which opens up the company to new categories of the smart home. Users can add multiple Night Owl devices to the 4 channel 1080p Wireless Gateway for local storage and remote monitoring. It’s compatible with Night Owl Wireless World Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Cameras, as well as the new Night Owl Wireless Smart Video Doorbell and Smart Connected Safe.

The company’s Wireless Smart Video Doorbell utilizes PIR technology to let you know who’s at the door, which you can check via the Night Owl app, or it can be connected to the Night Owl Gateway. The Smart Connected Safe lets users keep tabs on their prized belongings and confidential items from anywhere. Users receive real-time notifications when the keypad is touched, the safe is opened or closed, or the battery is low.

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