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New parents, wish you had an extra set of hands? Check out the NoomiNoomi

NoomiNoomi - The Extra Rocking Hand For Your Baby - Now live On Indiegogo!
Having just two hands may serve you perfectly well, but as a new parent, there’s no limit to the number of appendages you’d gladly tack on. And while growing an extra limb might not be a possibility, there could be a next best thing. The NoomiNoomi is branded as “the extra rocking hand for your baby,” and it launched this week on Indiegogo.

Designed for multitasking parents who may be tired of using their foot as a third hand, the NoomiNoomi is a “portable electrical rocker that latches securely onto strollers, imitating the rhythmic rocking motions that babies experienced within the womb.” Designed by two fathers who quickly recognized their babies’ dependency upon a rocking motion to fall asleep (and give their moms and dads some much needed rest), the NoomiNoomi creators decided to act “on behalf of all the parents out there.”

Setup of the device seems straightforward enough — simply lock your stroller’s front tires, then fasten one of the NoomiNoomi’s grips to the stroller, and the other grip to a solid surface. From there, you can choose between two speed settings that will cater to yours and the baby’s needs. Moreover, the device comes with a speaker system and 24 lullabies that will provide the soundtrack (as well as the motion) to lull your newborn to sleep. After eight minutes, the NoomiNoomi stops its rocking automatically, but parents can restart it again by clicking a button if needed.

“We came up with the idea for NoomiNoomi over brunch,” said co-founder Nati Benodiz. “[Co-founder Shay Tarrab] and his wife were at our house taking turns rocking their infant in the stroller to allow each other to eat. There and then, we came up with the idea to literally create a helping hand.”

With a month left in their Indiegogo campaign, the two creative fathers have already reached a quarter of their goal, and if you’re interested in contributing, you can pre-order a NoomiNoomi yourself for the early bird price of $63. The device is compatible with any stroller and can rock up to 44 pounds.

“Now, with NoomiNoomi, our babies are happily getting rocked, while we have two free hands,” Benodiz added. “We know that there are many parents like us in the crowdfunding community who can use an extra hand, so we’re excited to work with them to make this happen.”

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