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Noon Home smart lighting’s app boosts its customization options

Noon Home launched an updated app that boosts the system’s smart home lighting customization capabilities. Noon added compatibility with smart home standard Lifx light bulbs and also tripled its capacity for customized lighting combinations or scenes.

Noon’s support for Lifx Wi-Fi-enabled smart LED light bulbs increases the system’s potential for room light control and custom lighting scene creation. Lifx white, infinite color, and infrared bulbs are available in various sizes. Because they do not require a smart home lighting hub, Noon’s Room Director module can identify, configure, and control Lifx bulbs directly.

Simultaneous to the addition of Lifx compatibility, Noon increased the number of stored lighting combination settings and scenes from 16 to 48. When you have configured the light combinations and individual light settings for a custom scene you’d like to save for later use, you can use the Noon smartphone app to choose from a library of 48 icons to represent the scene. After you have selected the icon, it appears on the Room Director’s menu grid for easy selection.

The menu grid is another new feature. Previously you selected a scene by swiping through icons for each of the maximum 16 configurations until you found the one you wanted. Now you can press and hold the Room Director’s scene icon to switch to the new grid view of four icons. If you customize lots of scenes and change often, you still have to swipe through as many as 12 grids. You also can organize your scenes to configure the four you use most to show in one grid.

Noon, which launched in October, starts with a Room Director module, one of which is required for each room. The Room Director uses Bluetooth to control up to 10 additional extension switches in the same room. Noon extension switches work with any style light bulb as long as they not installed in lamps on switch-controlled power outlets. Because Noon products aren’t weatherproof, they cannot be used with outdoor light fixtures or lamps.

The Noon Room Director detects the type of bulbs connected to extension switches in the same room by reading the electrical current each light uses. You don’t have to set up elaborate lighting scenes, although that is where the creativity and power of the system shine. Without any customization by the owner, Noon configures the room lights for three scenes: Relax, everyday, and bright.

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