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Want that printed rare? Innovative dining experience debuts 3D-printed cuisine

Fine dining experiences come in all shapes, sizes, and offerings but the latest craze sweeping Europe is an innovative tasting event called Nufood which leans heavily on unique, 3D-printed fare. While enjoying an exquisitely prepared meal typically comes with a few basic expectations such as a Michelin star chef in the kitchen and a handful of meticulously prepared plates, Nufood employs the help of a robot to craft what it calls “juicy flavor bursts.”

Having recently taken to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to attract backers, this unusual eating currently has 10 Nufood dining events planned in Paris, London, Vienna, Helsinki, Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Denmark; Cambridge, England; and Vilnius, Lithuania. For roughly $250, Nufood offers two tickets to its pop-up restaurant (in the sponsor’s city of choice) and what it calls an “interactive dining in an interesting setting.” Though exact locations in each city have yet to be announced, the events plan to run February through April — with each city’s event taking place on a different day, of course.

“Our journey started about two years ago when we were researching materials for 3D printing and decided to build a 3D printer that extends modernist cuisine techniques to create juicy flavor bursts with personalized shapes, textures, and flavors,” reads the Kickstarter page. “The result of this is our ‘Damson’ edition prototype that will serve edible, juicy flavor bursts, a feat no other 3D printer can currently deliver.”

On tap for the Nufood menu is a cavalcade of extraordinary and uncommon plates. From its 3D-printed liquid smoke snail to similarly printed cucumber cubes, each course is not only a gem of the chef’s eye in its own right but bursting with Damson’s juicy flavors. There is even a ravioli course created entirely from the printer which each looking like gelatinous cubes while promising the taste and sensation of a superior pasta. While the team behind Nufood hopes to excite each patron’s taste buds, the presentation and styling could be an even bigger hit.

While the Nufood team perfects its Damson machine, it’s hoping to raise enough money via the Kickstarter campaign to manufacture similar machines for people’s homes. Not only are they working toward a machine which consistently prints food but one compatible with a smartphone application giving owners the ability to design their own flavors and concoctions. Additionally, the Damson is said to have the ability to factor liquids into its creations including honey, alcohol, and oils.

As of this writing, Nufood has raised more than $1,000 toward its ultimate fundraising goal of $12,744 with 25 days left in the campaign.

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