Kitchen utensils designed for the artist and the surgeon

Are you scientifically rigorous about your measurements in the kitchen, or do you prefer to see your creations as a result of your artistic temperament? There are lots of different cooking philosophies, and designer Massimo Aurelio Cappella wanted to reflect that by designing kitchen utensils to fit unique personalities.

There are several reflected in the One Way collection. There’s an artist’s palette for mixing spices, made for cooks who follows their instincts rather than recipes. For people whose diets are made up processed food, the makeup kit contains edible food pastes and polishes to liven up packaged meals. Measurement fanatics get the precision cooking set, complete with a syringe that holds exactly one tablespoon of liquid and a scalpel for expertly slicing meats.

The kits aren’t for sale, which is a shame. That precision set would go nicely with the beakers we use as drinking glasses.

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