Oprah’s favorite things of 2016 are here, and she is loving the tech!

Just in time for people who like to get their Christmas shopping done freakishly early, Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2016 is here. As per usual, there are interesting edibles (like a cake made out of cheese), cozy jimjams, and carrot-scented products that make Oprah proclaim: “Now I get to combine two of my great loves in life: farming and bathing!”

Oprah also put a ton of tech on her list, though, in case you want some recommendations on headphones or fitness trackers. Check out the tech gifts that get her seal of O-pproval.

HButler Orbit key finder ($30)


Oprah says: “Press a button on Orbit to find your cell — it rings even in silent mode. Genius.”

A little fob that attaches to your key ring, it pairs with an app and can help you find your keys. If your phone is missing, the Orbit can help find it.


Canary all-in-one home security device ($180)


Oprah says: “Give the gift of peace of mind.”

Canary makes both indoor and outdoor DIY security cameras, letting you monitor what’s going on in your home or on your porch.

Amazon Canary

DeLonghi Livenza All-Day Grill ($300)

DeLonghi Livenza All-Day Grill

Oprah says: “It takes the place of at least three appliances on my counter right now.”

From steak to pancakes, this indoor grill lets you make a bunch of different foods all year-round.


Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless ($200)


Oprah says: “Now, that’s my jam!”

These wireless earphones use Apple’s W1 chip, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and should last about 12 hours. Read more here.

Apple Amazon

OWN Bold Moves


Oprah says: “You have to solve a puzzle to unlock the inspirational words.”

This is Oprah’s own (and OWN) app, which pairs a Candy Crush-esque game with inspirational quotes as rewards.


Aura smart frame ($399)


Oprah says: “This digital frame is magic!”

This Wi-Fi enabled frame will automatically upload the pictures you take with your phone and put them on display but is smart enough to ignore the boring or embarrassing (or at least nude) ones. Read more here.


KitchenIQ IQ smart nutrition scale ($60)


Oprah says: “If knowledge is power, this smart scale will make you the CEO of your health.”

Put an apple on the scale, and it will keep track of the calories, carbs, sodium, and other nutritional information for you.


My Audio Pets mini bluetooth speaker ($25)


Oprah says: “Once you’re done singing along, enable the selfie feature and snap a pic.”

Cute lil’ Bluetooth speakers that look like animals.


Avegant Glyph video headset ($439)


Oprah says: “You may feel like an extra in Star Trek, but it’ll be worth it.”

Sort of like a home theater for your face, it uses mirrors to project images into the glass lenses, so you don’t have to worry about watching R-rated movies next to a child during your next plane ride. Read more here.


Fitbit Alta ($130)


Oprah says: “This iteration of Fitbit is splash-proof, so you can leave it on during your post-workout shower or when you’re taking a bubble bath, like I do.”

This fitness tracker has interchangeable bands, so it’ll always match your outfit. Read more here.


Raden A22 carry-on luggage ($295)


Oprah says: “My mind is blown.”

Raden is smart luggage that can charge your phone, so you don’t have to sit on the ground looking for an outlet at the airport. Read more here.


Philips XL Airfryer ($308)


Oprah says: “Fried food minus the fat? I’m in.”

Using a tablespoon of oil, this device makes fries, but it can also make cheese or fish sticks, cook chicken, or bake a cake.


Samsung 40” Class Serif 4K UHD TV ($1500)


Oprah says: “This TV isn’t just a pretty face.”

Shaped like a serif font “I,” this smart TV from Samsung was designed by French designers to make it look more like furniture than equipment.


Yonanas Elite sorbet maker ($100)


Oprah says: “I’ve had sorbet almost every night since starting Weight Watchers.”

This dessert maker gives frozen fruit an ice cream-like texture.


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400)


Oprah says: “Worth every penny.”

A very expensive hair dryer, this Dyson appliance comes with three attachments that magnetically snap on to diffuse or straighten hair. Read more here.


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