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Both cold and hot sleepers can be satisfied by Peacekeeper sheets

The Peacekeeper (4)
As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it, too, and in bed, no less. We should mention that we’re talking about sheets here. Meet the Peacekeeper sheets, heralded as the very first dual-temperature solution for couples (or individuals) with dual-temperature preferences. So if you start off the night looking to sleep in an ice chest, only to decide halfway through that you’d rather be in a furnace (or vice versa), your sheets can help you satisfy those desires.

To be fair, no set of sheets will ever get you that cold or that warm, but at the very least, the concept is there with the Peacekeeper. You see, these sheets involve two thermally dissimilar fabrics that are “seamlessly interwoven down the middle into one singular sheet, to accommodate each person’s temperature needs.” The cooler side is constructed with breathable, lightweight percale that promises to dissipate sleep heat. The warm side, on the other hand, is made of cozy flannel that’s meant to retain heat. If you’re sleeping solo and find that your body temperature fluctuates during the night (and who doesn’t), simply roll over to the other side.

If, however, you happen to have a sleep partner who is constantly too hot or too cold, you no longer have to consider separate beds — just consider separate halves of the same sheet.

Peacekeeper sheets are made of 100-percent cotton, and are also Oeko-Tex certified free from chemicals and dyes. Machine washer and dryer friendly, these sheets ought to be pretty straightforward to maintain as well. Ultimately, Peacekeeper founder Thomas Danaher notes, the Peacekeeper sheets ought to serve as a safer, more affordable alternative to other solutions like dual-temperature mattresses, or electric blankets and pads. Given that electric bedding emits electromagnetic fields that surround your body for hours on end, sometimes a lower-tech solution is the better one.

You can order a set of Peackeeper sheets now from the company’s website for $175, though a Kickstarter campaign will allow you to take advantage of early bird pricing. Backers can grab a set for $100, with a shipment date of February 2018.

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