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These bed sheets offer that rare instance when coffee puts you to sleep

ettitude coffee sheets mg 3713
Coffee has never been known for its soporific effects … until now. Giving a whole new meaning to having coffee at bedtime is this new set of sheets — meet Ettitude, the company behind the bedding made of coffee. The company’s Bamboo Coffee Sheets blend their Bamboo Lyocell fabric with reclaimed coffee grounds, which are purported to absorb odor and dry faster than other options. If they work as advertised, this could save time, water, and the planet. And not, well … then at least you can say that you have coffee in your sheets.

According to Ettitude, the coffee grounds in its new bedding block odors. After all, this is a natural property of coffee — when’s the last time you could discern another smell over that of your morning cup of joe? So how did they get the coffee into the sheets? First, coffee is roasted at the ripe old temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, and then ground and processed. These grounds are then combined with yarn, and woven together with bamboo fibers to create a truly unique fabric.

And these aren’t just any coffee grounds Ettitude is using — rather, they’re employing recycled coffee grounds so that you don’t have to feel guilty about your morning habit. In fact, the company notes on its Kickstarter page that the average cup of coffee utilizes just 0.2 percent of the coffee from the coffee bean, with the remaining 99.8 percent often thrown into the trash. But now, material that would otherwise end up in a landfill ends up … on your bed. But don’t worry — they’re really clean, and will help you stay clean, too.

“When sweat and odor pass through the fabric, it is absorbed into the micropores of the coffee yarn fibers, virtually eliminating it, allowing you to stay fresh all night and your sheets to remain cleaner for longer,” the company says. Not only does this material claim to do away with the odors of sweat, but it also purports to reduce the moisture. The coffee bamboo blend is described as a sort of sponge, both absorbing and drying faster than cotton.

With two weeks left in its campaign, the sheets have already passed the company’s fundraising goal. You can order a set for yourself beginning at around $94, with an expected ship date of November 2017.

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