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Modern Zinc is offering more than just sheets — check out its new towels

modern zinc bed sheets towel

We first fell in love with Modern Zinc last year, when the company introduced a set of sheets that are worthy of the 229,961 hours of your life you’ll spend in bed. The company’s zinc bedsheets claimed to “harness the powerful benefits zinc has to offer” by infusing zinc into their cotton sheets, and we’ve been happy customers for the last year. And now, Modern Zinc is back again with a new proposition — the Modern Towel that may not have metal woven into its fibers, but still promises to be faster drying and 150 percent more absorbent than anything else on the market.

Modern Zinc is no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns, having raised funds for its sheets back in 2016. And now, it’s turning to crowdfunding once again for its Modern Towel. The key, the team says, is a technology that “spins cotton into super absorbent threads that are fast drying.” Suppliers across India, Japan, and Korea provided the necessary materials to create a premium towel with unique threads, resulting in what Modern Zinc calls a “soft, lightweight towel that is more absorbent and quicker drying” than what you might buy elsewhere.

We should definitely point out that we’ve not yet tried these towels, but given how much I love the company’s sheets, I’m a little less skeptical than I would be otherwise (but you should still exercise caution before backing any such crowdfunding campaign).

After all, following its 2016 Kickstarter campaign, Modern Zinc began offering its bedding via more traditional retail means. As for the Modern Towel, the company is asking for a pledge of $30 in order to ship you its quick-drying and super absorbent product by June 2018.

 The company’s zinc sheets, on the other hand, claim to keep “your skin healthy and sheets fresh.” Noting that dirty sheets can trigger allergies, cause acne, and generally be gross to sleep in, Modern Zinc co-founder Tristan Schmitt said in a statement, “Sheets today are often made of poor quality, get dirty quickly and offer no benefits to the user, Modern Zinc is here to change that.”

The secret behind Modern Zinc’s sheets is its Smartcell Sensitive technology, which utilizes a “patented lyocell process to spin zinc into textile fibers.” That means that the compound is incorporated directly into your sheets, and the company promises that the zinc will remain active and provide its benefits even after 60-plus washes.

Update: Modern Zinc is back with its Modern Towel.

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