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Introduce some precision to your kitchen with gadgets from Perfect Company

Introducing Perfect Drink, Perfect Bake, and Perfect Blend
Your kitchen might just become the most happening culinary hotspot in town — that is, if you equip it with the right hardware. Thanks to a new line of products from the Perfect Company, you ought to be well on your way to fooling even the most discerning critics, and hopefully, making yourself a perfect chef. So what differentiates these products from the thousands of others on the market? In a word, precision. The idea behind the company’s offerings is exacting measurement, because cooking is as much a science as it is an art.

First up is the Perfect Blend Smart Scale and Interactive Recipe App, which allows you to make anything from soups to smoothies to dips to marinades. Simply connect the scale with the Perfect Blend recipe app (available for both iOS and Android). As you add ingredients to the blender, the app will tell you exactly how much you still need to input, or when you’re done, and when you’ve added all the necessary components. Thanks to the hundreds of recipes in the app, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from (and entertain with).

Then, there’s the Perfect Bake Smart Scale, which also, naturally, comes with the Interactive Recipe App. Just choose a recipe from the app and select your serving size. The app will do all the scaling work for you, and you’ll simply need to pour ingredients into color-coded bowls. The scale will weigh each ingredient’s pour, which means you can put away your measuring cups and spoons. And whether you’re baking bread, a pizza, or a pie, this smart scale can help.

Finally, there’s the Perfect Drink, heralded as a smart bartending system capable of allowing anyone to make restaurant-quality cocktails in their home bar. Just place the included shaker (or your drink container of choice) on the scale and head over to the companion app to choose your drink. Perfect Drink will let you know how much of what ingredient to add, and even if you mess up (perhaps after having entertained for just a little too long), the app can then show you how to fix your drink.

All three of these gadgets are available on Amazon, and all start at $50 for the standard model, and $100 for the stainless steel Pro version.

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