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Reach your health goals and the QardioBase 2 smart scale will smile up at you

QardioBase 2
Health and fitness expert Qardio has updated its popular QardioBase connected scale, launching the QardioBase 2 with a slightly revised design, new features, and an embedded battery. The QardioBase smart scale is known for the friendly way it gives feedback on your progress, using emoji-like faces, rather than focusing on the hard-and-fast numbers. Don’t think the experience is basic, though — the data it provides is comprehensive.

The QardioBase 2 retains the circular, ultramodern design of the original QardioBase, but it has been given a wider base for increased stability, and ensuring its suitability for those with all sizes of feet — that’s Qardio’s description, too, not only ours. The sensors inside have been given an update, which promises measurements and data delivery faster than before, and with a higher level of accuracy. Step on the scales and you get haptic feedback, delivered through the soles of your feet with an upgraded haptic engine.

QardioBase 2

Data is displayed on a centrally mounted LED screen, the brightness of which has been enhanced for the QardioBase 2. It shows weight, body mass index, and body composition including bone mass, water, body fat, and muscle percentage. Smiley faces are displayed to track progress towards health goals, so when you’ve been good you get a happy face; after a week of comfort food and no gym visits, the face may not be quite so pleased. Finally, the QardioBase’s AAA batteries have been thrown out and replaced by an embedded, rechargeable battery for more convenience. Charge it up and you’ll get a year of use before it needs to revisit the charger.

Otherwise the QardioBase 2 is unchanged from the QardioBase. It has a multi-user mode where it recognizes each person individually, without the need to select a profile, a pregnancy mode, and a mobile app for Android, iOS, and the Apple Watch, all synced using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The QardioBase 2 will be in Qardio’s online store from today, in black or white color schemes, for $150 in the United States and United Kingdom, or £130 British pounds. The smart scale will arrive in Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong on September 18.

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