Monitor your heart’s health on your smartphone with QardioCore app and strap

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Who says you have to wear a wire to monitor your heart health? Certainly not Qardio, the San Francisco-based digital health company that announced that its wearable ECG monitor, the QardioCore, is available for pre-order on Tuesday. Branded as the “first wearable medical electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor allowing users to proactively look after their heart health long-term,” this impressive little wearable records more than 20 million data points and aggregates this information to send to your smartphone. So strap it on and see what your heart really has to say.

“Cardiovascular health is the biggest health challenge in the developed world and with QardioCore, we make it easier, better and more cost-effective for everyone,” said Rosario Iannella, CTO at Qardio, “The ability to view and analyze such important data remotely and in context, as it is being generated, can substantially enhance the diagnostic yield.”

While most ECG monitors require complicated fittings and tend to be a chore to put on and take off, QardioCore was designed with wearer comfort in mind. It’s IP65 certified, which means it’s splash and rain resistant and can stand up to your workouts, no matter the weather. Worn as a chest strap, QardioCore claims to seamlessly records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature, and activity data.

“QardioCore is a game changer for doctors, patients, and health-conscious individuals, and a big step toward preventative health,” Iannella added. “For elite athletes, cardiovascular health is the cornerstone of performance, and QardioCore puts a wealth of actionable biometrics including medical-grade beat-by-beat heart tracking into an athlete’s hands, empowering them to be their best.”

QardioCore pairs with the free Qardio App for iOS, and is currently priced at $449.