Perlick brings a bigger, bolder version of its high-tech fridge to KBIS 2019

We thought Perlick’s monster, 24-inch column refrigerator was a big boy when it debuted at last year’s KBIS 2018, but now the food and beverage storage manufacturer is bringing an absolute monolith of a refrigerator to this year’s show. The company’s flagship product for this year is a 30-inch-wide column refrigerator and it’s the big daddy of Perlick’s family of full-size refrigerators, freezers, and wine fridges.

If you’ve liked Perlick’s products before but they just didn’t have enough space for your foodstuffs and beverage of choice, the 30-inch Perlick Collection Column Refrigerator is certain to have you covered.

As with its predecessors, one of the main benefits of Perlick’s design is its proprietary QuatroCool technology, a preservation system that covers a so-far unmatched four separate temperature zones. Features include the ability to store food at 32-degrees F, a dual-chamber air filtration, and electronically monitored real humidity.

“Prior to the full-size residential product launch, Perlick spent a century designing, engineering, and manufacturing front-of-house wine reserves for fine bars, restaurants, and large venues around the world,” said Stephanie Muraro-Gust, Perlick’s product marketing manager, in a release. “We leveraged that experience when designing the 30-inch refrigerator, ensuring fresh ingredients are stored with the same care and precision as the most-prized wine collections.”

perlick 30 inch fridge kbis 2019 deli drawer
Photo Courtesy of Perlick

Other features include the company’s innovative tip-out produce bin that is quite a step up over all of our old-school crisping drawers. In addition to electronically monitoring the humidity in the storage area, the technology can sense when produce is aging and losing water content and automatically push moisture back into the produce bin, extending the shelf life of leafy greens and other wilt-prone veggies.

The innovative dual filtration system features an advanced carbon filter that removes odors from the air (Trader Joe’s peeled garlic packers, I’m looking at you), while an ethylene filter scrubs the air of harmful ethylene gas, which can accelerate the ripening process of common fruits and vegetables including bananas, cantaloupes, cucumbers, parsley and more. Ethylene is released by a lot of fruit including apples, cantaloupe, grapes and tomatoes, among others.

Design-wise, Perlick’s new fridge is almost impossibly sleek. The unit’s PerlIQ touchscreen control features a black design that disappears into the background until it wakes up with a touch. Users can customize temperature preferences or engage smart temperature settings for deli items, meat/fish, and fresh produce, optimizing temperatures for specific ingredients.

perlick 30 inch fridge kbis 2019 cr24r pan 1
Photo Courtesy of Perlick

For those particular about materials and lighting, the refrigerator is clad in Perlick’s signature stainless steel up top, with slate-black stainless steel on the lower half, which not only makes it look cool, but is also nonporous and easier to clean.

As it stands, there is no price listed for Perlick’s new monster fridge, but its predecessors range in price from around $3,800 for a smaller model to nearly $7,000 for its restaurant-grade panel refrigerators, so expect this big boy to come in somewhere in the middle. KBIS guests can see it for themselves at Perlick’s booth (N1909) this week. The 30-inch refrigerator is available for immediate order.

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