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Wyze Lock Bolt brings high-tech features, low-tech price tag

Wyze has officially announced the Wyze Lock Bolt — a smart lock featuring a built-in fingerprint scanner and keypad for ease of operation. The new product is now available for $70, although Cam Plus Members can pick it up for just $60.

The big selling point for Wyze’s new product is its fingerprint scanner. It gives you the ability to unlock your door in a matter of seconds and negates the need to dig around in your pocket for keys or to punch in a lengthy numeric code. If you do decide to use the keypad, the Lock Bolt features Anti-Peep technology, which lets you punch additional keys before or after entering your password to confound prying eyes.

Like most other smart locks on the market, the Wyze Lock Bolt offers a simple install process that should take no longer than a half-hour. According to Wyze, the deadbolt is “easy to install on almost all U.S. doors.” Once mounted, you can activate an Auto-Lock feature to ensure the door locks automatically after a short period of time.

Person using fingerprint scanner on Wyze Lock Bolt.

Aside from those premium aspects, the smart lock offers much of the same functionality you’d find in competitors. The Lock Bolt is IPX5-rated for outdoor use, can be easily configured using a smartphone app, tracks the history of how and when it was locked or unlocked, and lets you share a one-time code to let friends and family into your home as needed. You’ll also find a USB-C port that lets you quickly power up the lock if its batteries die. The lock is powered by four AA batteries, and you can expect them to last about a year before needing a replacement.

Wyze built the Lock Bolt to work exclusively through Bluetooth connections. That means you won’t have to worry about a weak Wi-Fi signal at your front door — or losing power and getting locked out of your home. Best of all, the smart device will remember your codes and fingerprints even if Bluetooth disconnects.

If you don’t have an in-home security system, the Lock Bolt also offers a bit of added protection with a built-in alarm. This will trigger if the door is jammed or if someone attempts to open the door five times without success.

The Wyze Lock Bolt joins the Wyze Lock, which offers similar functionality but lacks a fingerprint scanner. It also lacks a deadbolt and is intended to fit over your existing hardware, whereas the new Lock Bolt is a full replacement. Now available for just $70, the Wyze Lock Bolt is positioned as one of the most affordable smart locks on the market, while still boasting an impressive spec list.

To see more great products, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to the best smart locks of 2022.

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