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With this refrigerated drawer next to your couch, you’ll never have to get up

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It’s game day and your favorite beers are all the way in the kitchen. Head over to grab one, and you’re risking missing out on a game-winning touchdown. Why not save yourself the trip and install a refrigerated drawer in the cupboard next to your couch? Perlick’s 15-inch Signature Series Indoor Refrigerator Drawers offer more than enough room for beer, liquor, salsa, dip, and all your other game day food and drinks.

The drawers can do a lot more than act as a beer caddy, too. They come in different sizes and can be installed just about anywhere depending on your needs. Think living room, kitchen, garage, or even bathroom. Take a look in your medicine cabinet, and you’ll likely find shelves of items that would last longer in cooler temperatures. Beauty experts frequently tout the benefits of keeping eye creams, face masks, and other skin care products cold to increase their efficacy and shelf life. As for medications, they should be stored in cool, dry conditions, as they can become ineffective if stored improperly. The drawers can store skincare products, cosmetics, and medications for everyone in your family, so they stay cold and fresh for far longer than they would in a medicine cabinet.

Perlick fridges have a Rapidcool forced-air refrigeration system, and contents are kept cool at 33 to 42 degrees, making this fridge rated for food and beverage storage but not for freezing. If you don’t have a whole lot of space to spare, the 15-inch model has 2.8-cubic feet of storage space and could be an option to consider. If you have more room to work with, check out the 24-inch model with 5.2 cubic feet of storage space. Both include two full-extension drawers for all your storage needs.

With its stainless-steel exterior (and interior), these drawers will look sleek just about anywhere, but you also have the option of choosing wood overlay drawers. You can install them yourself, but if you’re not as confident in your handyman skills, you can always hire a professional to provide expert guidance.

Prices start at $3,000 from select distributors.

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