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These futuristic bathroom concepts will make you feel jealous

As soon as a bathroom has been remodeled, there are always new design innovations around the corner. Technology is making our showers cooler, our bathtubs smarter, and our faucets distinct. One of the biggest bathroom retailers in the United Kingdom, QS Supplies, is always looking ahead to innovate and improvise on bathroom products.

For a luxurious shower underneath a waterfall, QS Supplies’ arch shower makes a statement. The beautifully arched form is made of smooth Corian and contains high-pressure water jets that spray from all angles. With all the jets going off at once, the shower is meant to offer that feeling of an actual waterfall rushing down with generous abandon. Based on the current design, this concept would cost approximately £18,500 (about $23,000).

This next concept offers a much more traditional shower experience with a twist. The real innovation here comes from the shower’s enclosure. Inspired by the Northern lights, the glass panels illuminate with a warm glow. Lights are placed below the glass within the aluminum frame for the enhanced effect.

Water shortages are a real concern in many parts of the world. With this in mind, QS Supplies has come up with a high-tech solution. As a modern interpretation of an overhead shower, it contains a digital display for both the water temperature and the amount used. By showing people how much water is being used during a shower, the idea is that they would adjust their routine to diminish the water used. Additionally, faucet heads for the bathtub and sink have also been conceptualized.

Sometimes a bathroom needs a change in overall ambiance, not tech. Designers came up with the zen rock washbasin to create a calming, meditative feeling. Traditional Japanese stones make up the basin itself in a balanced form while other organic materials like wood are used for consistency.

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