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Bed light gets kids to sleep right: Teach good bedtime habits with Remi

UrbanHello REMI Baby Monitor and Sleep Trainer - Official
A good night’s sleep for your children means a good night’s sleep for you, which means that you probably want to check out the Remi, branded as the first smart bedside clock that trains kids to sleep well. This cute little nightstand character is fully customizable and serves as a baby monitor, speaker, and most importantly, promises to help parents keep tabs on and improve their child’s sleep.

So how’s it done? For the youngest children, Remi simply tracks and records changes in sleep patterns by recording noises and temperature inside a bedroom. When the baby wakes up, Remi calculates a sleep score and adds data to its sleep log, allowing parents to track sleep patterns over time and determine what external factors, like sounds and temperatures, improve or hinder sleep.

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For slightly older kids, like toddlers, Remi claims to help establish regular sleep routines. The smiley face of the bedside clock goes to sleep and arises at pre-programmed times, which parents can control via a companion app, and shows children when it’s time for lights out. In the morning, the face will indicate whether it’s time to get out of bed or if the tots ought to go back to sleep for a bit longer. To help kids actually fall asleep, Remi comes with a speaker that plays nursery rhymes, stored songs, or streams audio from a connected tablet or smartphone.

“Remi can be very useful to assist pediatric assessment of toddlers’ sleep cycles; parents can show their pediatrician their child’s sleep patterns and the frequency and duration of wakeful periods in the night,” said Dr. Pierre Bitoun, a pediatrician in Paris and member of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Boston. “With Remi’s help, parents can learn how many hours are actually necessary for their children’s well-being and development. Remi will also help children acquire genuine autonomy to decide when to get up and when to go to bed, long before any structured learning.”

This sleep trainer will be available in February and is slated to retail for around $93.

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