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The RemoBell is a smart doorbell that lets you answer the door no matter where you are

remobell smart doorbell screen shot 2017 04 23 at 4 29 34 pm
Don’t wonder who’s at the door — instead, give yourself the gift of certainty with RemoBell, a 21st century doorbell for your 21st century lifestyle. The smart, wireless doorbell comes with a built-in motion sensor that streams live video (in HD) as well as an audio feed via Wi-Fi to your phone. That means that when someone’s at the door, you can see who it is no matter where you are.

“RemoBell brings you the convenience, security and control you have always wanted,” the company said in a press release. Now, even if you’re not at home, you can answer your door by way of your smartphone (as long as you have an internet connection). With the RemoBell companion app, you can communicate with whomever may be outside — there’s avideo feed and two-way communication, as well as night vision for later calls. You can also have the RemoBell send you push notifications or record footage when someone comes calling. And the smart device’s Activity Log will display a timeline of all your recorded videos (stored in the cloud).

While the RemoBell relies on 6 AA batteries, because the device only turns on when someone rings your doorbell (or motion is detected), it promises to be power efficient and maintain a long battery life. Moreover, RemoBell claims to have better optical lenses, which are wide-angle rather than fish-eye. That means that you’ll get a 120-degree viewing angle, giving you a more complete sense of the scene at your front door.

Finally, the RemoBell mobile app lets you control just about everything you need from your smartphone. You can check out the Recent Activities log, change the doorbell’s settings, and otherwise maintain control over your domain from the palm of your hand (regardless of whether you’re an iPhone or Android user). The RemoBell comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, and starts at $199.

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