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Samsung’s vibrating washers are shaking themselves into disrepair

samsung vibrating washing machine screen shot 2017 03 31 at 4 15 13 pm
There’s only so much vibrating a washing machine can take, and it seems that some Samsung appliances are nearing the upper limit. In yet the latest unfortunate event to befall the embattled South Korean company, it would appear that its washers are experiencing such violent tremors that they’re actually damaging themselves. Think spontaneous combustion a la Galaxy Note 7, only via vigorous shaking instead.

The problem actually first began last year, with a recall issued in November 2016 following reports of glass lids shattering after as a result of the machines’ vibrations. Top-loading washers sold between March 2011 and October 2016 are said to be affected, and you can determine if you own a faulty appliance by visiting

But alas, it looks as though the problem has not yet been solved. Even though Samsung offered customers free in-home repair and a one-year warranty extension (or a rebate which could be used toward the purchase of a new washer), it seems as though those who elected to get their existing washers fixed didn’t get what they bargained for.

As the Boston Globe reported, two of their local readers noted that it has taken a long time to receive either a repair or a rebate. In fact, one customer has apparently been waiting for a Samsung repair person for three months, but has yet to see one. In response, a company spokeswoman told the Globe, “We are listening to and learning from every consumer’s experience in order to constantly improve our processes,” and added that Samsung has already successfully processed “hundreds of thousands of requests thus far.”

But if you are having trouble, Samsung suggests that you complete all the required paperwork without error, at which point you ought to be able to get a rebate in four to six weeks, or a repair in seven days.

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